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Too many of us are not living our dreams
because we are living our fears. ~ Les Brown

About the Academy

The HePOWER Leadership Academy (HLA) is designed to expand the number of male civic and business leaders, redefining the vision of leadership. Leadership to include doing well at school, to do more good in the community and excel in his personal life while owning his personal power. The Academy enroll individuals who are ready to grow and engage in preparation for leadership.


By design, the Academy’s leadership and personal development based programs focus on rigorous reflection and thoughtful development around worth, civic leadership agility and business leadership interaction. It is rooted in working on the individual as a unique leader.


The Academy’s core program involves

(1) Leadership: exploring, discovering, and developing each participant’s distinctive style of leading

(2) Personal Development: identifying and developing the skills for negotiating culture in school, civic, professional and social settings 

(3) Mentorship: develop a personal agenda for growth and development through access to mentors and strategic connections with community leaders who understand the importance of leadership, relationships and partnerships.


HePower Leadership is a non-profit organization that establishes leadership, personal development and peer mentoring programs for boys, which are led and facilitated by men. HePower’s programs are designed to help young boys build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and recognize their value.  HePower provides lessons that include discussion points, information, activities and the POWER of ONE, a signature HePower lesson. 

HEPOWER mentor boys to be bold, be brave, be best and lead.  Relevant leadership, mentoring and personal development programs encourage his ambition, empower his confidence, and keep them on track by helping them set goals and work toward achieving those goals. HePOWER platform is created to educate and train young men to become leaders in their community and leaders in business.  Our focus, is on boys in under-served communities, education, engaging and assisting in building relationships local, national and global to improve the quality of her life and leadership.


Promotes lifelong learning by encouraging boys to develop values and execute in excellence.



The power of Respect: By having self-respect, I gain respect
The power of Making a Difference: By making a positive impact, I get a positive outcome
The power of Integrity: By fulfilling promises and expectation, I gain trust of others
The power of Excellence: By having the desire to operate in Excellence, I will win
The power of Service: By extending beyond my own self-interest, I impact lives
The power of No Fear: By being myself, I am comfortable living life being bold and different.
The power of Passion: By operating from a place of passion, I will live a balance fulfilled life
The power of Diversity: By accepting people from varied academic, social, emotional, and economic backgrounds, I accept myself.

Our HePower Leaders complete our sessions with a clearer sense of the knowledge, skills and tools needed to achieve greater success, leadership, influence and to contribute to his community. He gains a confidence that he can move within his school and community as a thought-provoking leader and role model.  This mind and skill set allows him to be a highly valued community contributor. He completes the Academy with an increased commitment to shaping his community as a future leader.


HePower Leaders complete the program:

• more self-aware of his personal leadership style and strengths

• with an enhanced understanding of areas that are critical to his personal growth, community engagement, and leadership capabilities

• more able to identify his most and least effective attributes and skills

• with an understanding of the difference between – and the role of – support and leadership

• able to develop personal strategies for greater success in achieving academic, community and life goals

• with a sense of community and collaboration among peers, educators and community individuals.


HePower Civic Leadership - 

An innovative and unique leadership program designed for highly motivated, intellectually curious boys who are interested in social issues and creating positive change as a future civic leader.

HePower Business Leadership  

HePower Business Leadership expose our boys to the business world through our experiential learning model, fostering the development of business literacy and leadership skills necessary to be more successful in school, in life and as a business owner.

Personal Development Program

It's not enough to celebrate “he power” without providing examples of HePOWER. We can’t tell boys they can change the world without equipping them to take on the task. If we encourage young boys to dream big, we must provide direction and skills to help them develop that personal reality. If boys are going to succeed in their life and career goals, they must be provided with guidance, training and resources. Our personal development program is dedicated to preparing our boys for their own unique kind of success.

Mentor Program

HePOWER is aware that a supportive adult invites the greatness out of a youth.  When men donate their time or money to mentor and foster the potential of a motivated boy, we all feel good about his potential achievement. When one of the boys in HePower ‘makes it,' it’s not just a success for him, it’s a success for all men.

Research shows that mentoring helps at-risk youth.

27% are less likely to begin using alcohol

37% are less likely to skip class

46% are less likely to begin using illegal drugs

52% are less likely to skip school

More confident in their school work performance

Get along better with their families  - Source: Public/Private Ventures (P/PV)

Youth Partnership Program

HePower Leadership Academy partners with Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Athletic Programs as well as most Youth-Serving organizations across the nation to provide  school aged students a high-impact leadership, personal development and mentorship experience.


We believe that creating a positive school culture begins with teaching students self-leadership and integrity, so that they can be a positive influence on their peers. The leadership and life skills our programs teach will impact your young man now and into the future.

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