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The Teen Advisory Council

The Teen Advisory Council consists of youth leaders who advise the HePower Executive Team.  The Council consist of very special young men who make a valuable contribution to our Academy as well as gain a truly unique experience that is rooted in the idea of training the next generation of civic and business leaders.


Boys between the ages of 11 -18 can serve on the Teen Council. They act as HePower Ambassadors for HePower Leadership Academy.


The responsibilities of Teen Advisory Council members are to:

  •  Attend four meetings per year in person, each held on a weekend from 11:00 pm to 1:30 pm

  •  Contribute your youthful ideas and thinking to the current and future work of HePower.

  •  Be available for four to five telephone calls/ email/ text each year from staff seeking advice

  •  Allow HePower to publish your name and picture as a member of the Teen Advisory Council

  •  Raise awareness about HePower in your school and community

  •  Develop leadership skills and learn how to advocate and raise awareness for issues and concerns of boys in your                      community.


In return, HePower promises you:

  •  A delicious lunch four times a year and meetings that start and end on time

  •  An appreciation of your time and a commitment not to abuse your time or your generosity

  •  Be eligible to receive 20 hours of community service credit through your participation on the Teen Council

  •  Earn up to 10 additional service hours by participating in other HePower events throughout the year

  •  Learn about giving back to the community through your time, talent, and resources as you plan and execute HePower            events.


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Teen Advisory Council

Platform: Wellness


Teen Advisory Council

Platform: Bullying


Teen Advisory Council

Platform: Arts

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